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Job Hansen

1899 - 1960

The following paintings by Job Hansen are for sale

Jacob Gerard (Job) Hansen (Groningen, 9 June 1899 – 25 December 1960), also referred to as Job Hansen, worked as a correspondant, architectural draftsman and lateron, as a succesful architect. Job Hansen had come to know Johan Dijkstra during his high school education and lived with him in Amsterdam.

In 1934, he joined the Northern-Dutch artist movement of De Groninger Ploeg. He added to their artistic course. Come 1927, the economy was at a low point and the architectural business suffered. Hansen decided to focus on his work as an artist. His trademark was the colours he used and the paint he diluted with gasoline, resulting in transparent, watercolourlike colours and free-flowing brush strokes. After the Second World War, his works became increasingly more intense, and with a more abstract character.

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