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Jan Sluijters one of the pioneers of modernism

05 10 2021

Jan Sluijters, together with Leo Gestel and Piet Mondriaan, is one of the pioneers of modernism in the Netherlands. His development and enthusiasm received an impulse in Paris at the beginning of the twentieth century. Here he becomes acquainted with new styles and techniques. Neo-impressionism, Fauvism, Luminism and Cubism, he embraces it all, but gives it his own twist.

Jan Sluijters is especially fascinated by the work of the Fauvists with their bright colors and color contrasts. He finds the early work of Paul Gauguin particularly interesting, as do the paintings of Matisse. Van Gogh and Kees van Dongen, who lives in Paris, also had a major influence on Sluijters’ development. His experiences in Paris resulted in expressive canvases, often intense in colour. This watercolor of a luscious summer bouquet is a burst of soft tones. The pastel colors harmonize nicely with the bright purple-blue accents